5 Things To Consider Before Saying “I Do” 

Don’t be in love with happily ever after and also get carried away with the idea of getting married. If you are not focused in making your marriage work, you might lose it.


I know you see couples uploading pre wedding pictures taken in Atlanta, Dubai or beautiful places in Nigeria and you wishing and dreaming and being impatient, because you can’t wait get married.. But there is more to marriage than beautiful photos.

That being said, let’s consider some things before going to the alter.

1. Your religious beliefs dictate for you:
Do not allow your religious belief or what your pastor preach or say often about marriage dictate the kind of person you should tie the knot with.
Remember, this marriage journey would last till death do you part, unless you would opt for divorce at the long run.
Many people let what their pastor or religious belief affect their life so much that they end up marrying the wrong person. You just have to let love lead. Pray and ask GOD for directions.
If you end up marrying the wrong person, your pastor won’t face the marriage ordeal for you. You will bear the cross alone.

2. Run blood tests:
Do not get blinded by love. Before wedding, make sure you and your spouse go for blood test to confirm your genotype, and health status.
Do not treat this with negligence, because it could cost you a lot.
Some people have sickle cell trait, some are oblivious to this fact, while some chose to overlook it because of love or faith in religion. Ignorance is not an excuse.
Do what is right for your unborn children
The risk of giving birth to a sickle cell child is not worth taking. It will cost you lots of money, your time, and your job, because you’d live in constant fear whenever the child have crisis, which may lead to death eventually if proper care is not taken.

3. Do not rush… Know your partner better:
Do not rush into marriage, because it’s trending. Do not sacrifice your freedom and happiness on the marriage alter.
Take your time to know your partner better. Remember you’re going to have to live with him or her for the rest of your life.
Find out if he/she is quick to anger.. Can you help him/her overcome this problem?
*Doe she/she take corrections or treat your suggestions or opinion like nothing?
*Are you ready to be submissive to a highly dominant partner?
*Is he/she the lousy type.. Or the one without proper home training.. Who would disrespect your parent at the slightest provocation?
*Is he/she a Mr Biggs or Mama put or Tantalizer kinda person? Is she a good cook?
*Is he/she in love with who you are or what you have?
* Does he/she love your imperfect self . What if your body changes at the long run?

4) Do not get carried away by material things or sweet talks… Do a background research on them:
What happens when a marriage is built on a foundation of deceit?
Who bears the burden at the long run?
How would you feel if you found out that your husband or wife had lied about his/her educational background, financial status and every other thing?

5) Plan your future together
Before your wedding, plan your future together. During and after wedding ceremony, spend wisely. Don’t imitate others..
If you want a wedding in Dubai, honey moon in Paris, but your bank is sending you to Lagos or your village, just obey before you incur debts all in the name of society wedding. You can always have an elaborate wedding anniversary later in future…

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