5 Funny Excuses Guys Make When They Are Afraid Of Walking Up To A Girl

It takes a bold, confident and determined guy to walk up to a girl and talk to her, especially if she is a stranger. Some guys would rather die with their feelings than approach the girl they are crushing on to talk to them and below are the excuses that they make …

1. “When I’m rich, she will be the one come begging to date me”

Really?! Rather than admit that they are scared of approaching the girl; will start saying stuff like; “she is just being snobbish because she knows I don’t the money yet”, ” when I’m popular, she will be begging for my attention”.. Etc

2. ‘I am not ready for marriage’

Not wanting to have anything to do with a girl before marriage is good. But some guys will cling to that excuse,even when they are itching to talk to that girl… Just that they don’t have the guts to so they come up with the I am not ready for marriage talk

3.The religious ones

They ones are neither born again nor religious fanatics, in fact, they love anything on skirt. Their only problem is they don’t know how to approach the girl,so rather than being turned by their crush, they start using their religion as an excuse to cover-up their inability to talk to their crush

4. The blamer

Guys in this category, will never admit that they are scared of walking up to a lady. They will instead, start insulting girls,telling people how girls are gold diggers,hoes etc. Why in reality they have never approached them

5. The indecisive ones

These set of guys can take forever to talk to a lady. Instead they claim they want to study the girl before they make any move, so they keep ‘studying’ their crush until a decisive guy snatches the girl and they will start calling the girl names. Like she is supposed to be waiting for them to make up their mind.
So guys what category do you fall into? 

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