4 Ways You Can Get Your Woman To Listen To You…

Women are by nature emotional. They think, act and make decisions based on their emotions. Women are naturally good listeners, that is why some of them make good homes and great mothers.

If your woman isn’t listening to you, then something must be wrong somewhere. It is either she is not happy with you or you are not paying attention to her needs…

This are what you can do to get your woman to listen to you..

1. Listen to her first

You must be a good listener first. If you are sensitive to each and every word of hers then she return the good gesture. But if you are arrogant, proud and head strong, she might never give you her ear at all. It’s easy. Start trying to listen to her carefully. She must be trying to tell you something. Women love it when their man pay them attention

2. Buy her a gift before an important discussion

If you have something important to discuss and if you want your woman’s approval for that, a good idea to get her OK is by gifting her with something first. When she is in the clouds enjoying the gift, simply start the conversation about that crucial ‘something’ and get your approval from her. But if your woman is smarter than that, she will never fall fall your trap. If this is the case, try something different…

3. Be humble

Humility is the mother of all qualities. You need to learn it. Men hate to be humble but that quality gives them grace and superiority. Be more approachable and your wife will start listening to you more than ever. If you are too egotistic then things won’t work out at all.

4. Compliment her

Give her some good compliments. But don’t over do it, else she’d know something is off. Be sincere when you compliment. Figure out what you like about her best… what you think makes her most unique and tell her. If it’s the truth, it will automatically come out as sincere.Focus more on her personality than her appearance. But if you have to compliment on her appearance, focus in these areas; smile, hair, eyes, lips, clothes .. {appearance, style, etc.}

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