Scientists have discovered the secret the secret to happiness… You won’t believe when you read it!

Hmm.. Could this be why Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and more celebrity stars strip? Scientists have claimed that stripping may be the key to happiness and well-being.

Scientists revealed this after investigating the psychological effects of nudism.They found that people taking part in naturist activities felt better about themselves, their bodies and their lives overall.The more time they spent naked, or partially disrobed, the happier they were.
Lead researcher Dr Keon West, from Goldsmiths, University of London , said:
“The naturists have been saying this for some time.However, despite a lot of positive claims, little to no empirical research has investigated whether naturist activity (rather than attitude or beliefs) actually makes us happier or, just as importantly, why it makes us happier.”
Participants were psychologically assessed just before shedding their clothes and before getting dressed again.In each case people experienced “immediate and significant improvements in body-image, self-esteem and life satisfaction” when free of their clothes.
The findings appear in the Journal of Happiness Studies.

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